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My Travel Bucket List

There are trips I am planning to take in the not too distant future, like another trip to Italy and a big trip to Portugal, but there are also some that get put on My Bucket List.  I describe these Bucket List items as adventures that are waiting for the right amount of time off, the right travel deals, enough money, the perfect moment or the right mind set to take them.  I know I will get to these trips in time, but there are trips that are more ideal at the present moment.

One of my first posts, Seize the Day! was about why you should travel now instead of waiting until you are retired.  I have known so many people who have developed health conditions that prevent them from partaking in rigorous travel. Mark and I also saw firsthand on our 2015 trip to Europe, a lot of “older” folks really struggling to keep up and do all that was required to get the most from the experience.

We made a bit of a pact after that to do the aggressive trips first and save those Caribbean Beach vacations and Alaskan Cruises for our Golden Years.  So for now, they are just hanging out on My Bucket List.


My Bucket List (not in order)

  1. Go to Australia and/or New Zealand with plenty of time to really take it in and enjoy it. Maybe even get to have a Great White Shark adventure at the Great Barrier Reef
  2. Let Mark plan an Alaskan Adventure and I go along as the happy sidekick (I always do the planning)
  3. Take a month in Europe to just buzz around by train and do whatever I want
  4. I have taken many one on one trips with my daughter, but I would love to have at least one with my son.
  5. Take my Grandchildren to Disney World (I don’t have any, but do you think they would let my Grand Corgi in?)
  6. Go back to Milan for the 3rd time so I can finally see the Last Supper (this one is pretty close to the top for me).
  7. Cruise the Greek Islands (even though cruises aren’t my thing, I think logistically speaking they are one of the best ways to do Greece)
  8. Go to the actual towns my Great Grand Parents immigrated from (Austria/Germany/Hungary)
  9. Rent a beachfront villa somewhere like Bali or Fiji for a week and just relax
  10. Have a jungle adventure in Belize or Costa Rica


These are just a few travel plans simmering in my pot. In the meantime, I will be happy taking some aggressive explorations and having some fun little adventure trips until the moment is right.

What about you?  Do you have trips you are holding off taking for one reason or another?  Feel free to share them.  I love to read your comments!


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