About Me



A stranger is only a stranger until you say Hello.  “Hello!”  Now we are friends!

I’m Dev, just a simple girl from Michigan who likes to travel and have fun. I have a thirst for knowledge and LOVE learning all about the history of places and really exploring the sites that I visit.

My husband of 29 years is my main travel partner and eagerly jumps on board for whatever I have planned.  We take lots of Long Weekends, Day Trips and we has seen 7 Countries in the last 3 years via my larger scale travel plans.  Many more to come and some to revisit.

I think it all started in my high school Humanities class.  We studied, art, music, architecture and so much more. My original plan after graduating was to teach these subjects, but life took me down another path. Even so, I still have a passion for exploration and a need to see everything!   I do my best to find time and money to continue seeing the world.

I have 2 grown kids who are also adventurers, finding ways to see the world whenever they can.  Plus I  hang out with a crazy bunch of girls and we are always up to something.  Not long ago, they got me a tiara for my birthday that said “Planning B….”.  That’s me, always planning something.  Girls really do just wanna have fun!

Additionally, I have been blessed with a large group of awesome young friends who have managed to find ways to take big trips on small budgets and live life to it’s fullest.  I love to pick their brains and share their tips and tricks.  They are fearless adventure warriors.

I do not believe people should wait to explore until they retire or get to a certain age.  I think people should always travel whenever they can fit it in.  Seize the Day.  Make it happen.  No excuses.  There is always a way.

Blog Goals

We are not rich.  Working within a budget is important to me, so I am always looking for ways to save or make money for my Adventure fund.  This is an ongoing process since I have a long list of places yet to visit.  I am eager to pass those ideas on to you so you can fill your travel funds as well.

I write about things I am passionate about.  I want to share all kinds of travel, fun and adventures with you in hopes of giving you some small take away that helps you get more out of both your travel, your money and your life.  We will discuss everything from Wine Tasting, 3 day weekends, Vacations and International Travel. Adventures big and small!

I’d love to hear your ideas, so make sure to leave comments about your experiences or things you’d like to see me write about.


Weekly Post lineup

  • Monday: Posts from Series that I write over several weeks on a specific topic (Wineries, Breweries, Travel Planning)
  • Wednesday: Money Saving Tips (Rebate Apps, Portals, Rewards Programs, Credit Cards) Holidays, and Miscellaneous Current Events


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