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The Waiting Place

Just like in the Dr. Seuss Book, “Oh, the Places You’ll Go,” I am in The Waiting Place.

  • Waiting to Make Reservations
  • Waiting for the Right Deals
  • Waiting for my next Adventure.

Waiting (sigh) is not my favorite.  I am not that patient.  Waiting makes me a bit twitchy and anxious.


Waiting to Make Reservations

I completed my Southwest Rewards Credit Card sign up Bonus and earned my Companion Pass for the rest of the year! Woo Hoo!  Now, I am Waiting to make reservations.  First, my daughter and I have to choose our destination for our trip in May so that I can make that reservation.  We have it narrowed down to like 20 places (panic).

After completing that trip, I will have to change my Companion to my husband before I can make our reservations for trips this fall. Even though you can change your companion, I was not aware that I could only make reservations for one companion at a time (note to self….read the fine print a little better next time).


Waiting for Deals

I need to earn a lot of Membership Rewards to use on our airfare purchase for our 2020 trip to Portugal.  I am hoping to get us into Business Class, so I need 88,000 points for each of us.  The best way to get Membership Reward points is through American Express Cards.  I am currently Waiting for a good sign up bonus for the American Express Gold Card. There is absolutely nothing I can do to speed this up and I need to Wait in order to get the maximum points for signing up that I can.


Waiting for my Next Adventure

In the meantime, it feels like I’m in a car with no gas.  Just Waiting to go, but no fuel to propel me.  So I am just Waiting for the right minute to hit the gas and smoke the tires to my next Adventure.


I really HATE Waiting!!




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