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Some Fun Things to Do in Islamorada & Florida’s Upper Keys

You can’t go wrong visiting the Florida Keys. It’s such a beautiful area full of nature and tons of things to do. We like to visit when the Michigan winter begins to feel like it will never end. The fantastic weather in the Keys is the perfect sunshine boost we need to get us through.

In 2022 we spent 4 days exploring Key West, so for this trip, we decided to mix it up and stick to Key Largo and the Upper Keys. We flew into Miami, rented a car, and enjoyed the drive alongside the ocean down the Overseas Highway to Key Largo.

We stayed at Baker’s Cay Resort for 3 days which included a lot of onsite activities but we still found plenty of time to get out and explore the area and enjoy some tasty Foodie Finds.

Islamorada Brewing

Islamorada Brewing is a Distillery and Brewery located south of Key Largo. They have a fun menu that includes about 14 beers on tap, cocktails, slushies, wine, and non-alcoholic beverages. My husband ordered a pint, but I decided to go with a flight instead since there were so many options. You can mix and match any of their options and the flight price reflects the item types you choose. I really mixed it up ordering beer, seltzer, and a Key Lime Pie cocktail which was dangerously good.

We enjoyed our beverages in their funky beer garden which also includes an outdoor bar and a food truck. They even have Pirate Punch and To-Go Cocktails that are ready to take with you. They would be great for beach or boat days.

Betsy the Lobster

Keep your eye out for Betsy the Lobster when you are heading down the Overseas Highway. Betsy the giant spiny lobster is located in front of the Rain Barrel marketplace in Islamorada. The 30′ high and 40′ long fiberglass statue was created by Sculptor Richard Blaze as a tribute to spiny lobsters which are popular in the Florida Keys. If you stop to visit Betsy, don’t forget to check out all the cute little shops full of treasures in the marketplace.

Touristy…Heck Yeah. Great photo op…You Bet!

Robbie’s of Islamorada

Robbie’s in Islamorada is definitely a tourist destination and you can do a lot of different things there:

  • Charter a Fishing Trip
  • Shop in their open-air market
  • Grab a drink or a bite to eat from one of the vendors
  • Get your picture taken in the big Robbie’s chair
  • Rent Kayaks or Paddleboards
  • Feed the Tarpon

We went To Robbie’s so that my husband could feed the Tarpon. They are big fish, sort of like carp, that come up to the dock and will take food right out of your hand. It costs $2.50 per person to go out on the dock just to see the Tarpon and another $5.00 if you want a small bucket of fish to feed them.

Florida Keys Brewing

The Florida Keys Brewing Company is also located in Islamorada and includes a Microbrewery, Tasting Room, and Beer Garden. They offer about 20 beers on tap so there is something for everyone. Since the weather was fantastic the day we visited, we ordered a pint and found ourselves a shady table in the Beer Garden.

Although they do not serve food, a food truck is located onsite. We ordered lunch and found it to be quick, affordable, and downright delicious. It’s always a good sign when local folks are lined up there at lunchtime.

There are so many fun things to do in this area, here are some things we didn’t get to on this trip:

Final thoughts

We had a great time exploring Islamorada and Key Largo. It was fun visiting a few really touristy spots and enjoying how kitschy they were. Since my husband loves craft beer, I always try to work a few local breweries into our adventures. Both The Florida Keys Brewing Co and Islamorada Brewing were great stops.

I know that we only hit the tip of the iceberg on things to do in the Upper Keys on this trip and that’s ok. It can be exhausting trying to see and do everything when you visit someplace new. Instead, we had a fun and relaxing trip that left plenty for us to do the next time we visit.

Do you have a favorite destination in Key Largo or the Upper Keys?

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