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Membership Rewards: A New Way to Earn Points

I have been doing some research on how to earn a lot of American Express Membership Rewards Points this year.  My goal is 180,000 points for 2 Business Class Award Tickets to Portugal for next year.

Of course the easiest way is to open American Express accounts and earn the sign up bonuses.  Then utilize the cards Bonus categories to earn multiplied points (ex: If gas has a 4x reward category and you spend $20 you get 80 points).  But I am going to need more than even that to reach the 180,000 goal.  While doing my research on how to earn those less obvious points, I found this great article by Upgraded Points: 

20 Best Ways to Earn Lots of American Express Membership Rewards Points

Many of the points in the article were things that I was aware of including a new feature to earn Membership Rewards through Ebates.  I have been an Ebates customer for a few years and do pretty well with it, so this was interesting to me when I heard about it a few months back.

I even went as far as researching switching my account over to Membership Rewards as my Payment Method.  Unfortunately, you can’t switch an existing account, you have to open a new account.  I was still debating over whether it would be worth the hassle when I read the Upgraded Points Article.  As I scrolled through, I noticed this little nugget:

Join Ebates and Earn 1500 Membership Reward Points

Sometimes when you are on the fence about things, you get a sign.  I’m taking this 1500 Bonus Rewards Points Offer as a Sign!

So if you are saving up Membership Rewards points for something, you may want to open an Ebates account or if you had an account open a new one.  Either way you should be able to score an easy 1500 Membership Rewards Points by simply spending $25 in your “new” Ebates account within the first 90 days.


PS … You know what I always say, It pays to do your Research!






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