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Open Table – My First Experience

This year I am really focused on earning as many points in my Loyalty programs as possible.  In order to do that, I went through all the earnings opportunities for each one to see what I might be missing out on.  When looking through offers on the IHG app, I found one for using OPEN TABLE.  Open Table is an online restaurant-reservation service.

I had read other blogs about Open Table and it seemed easy enough for me to use.  I checked the site and their are 2 whole restaurants that participate listed in my local area. Sigh…part of the downfall of not living in a large urban area.  One of the restaurants, Buffalo Wild Wings, is someplace Mark and I go fairly regularly. Cool!


The Offer

Earn 500 Points for your first reservation and 2 times the points at IHG featured restaurants for all future reservations.

Buffalo Wild Wings:  Earn 150 Points


This weekend we were thinking about going to BWW’s so I got on the app and followed the directions to make my first reservation.  When we arrived at the restaurant, I was sure to tell the hostess that I had made a reservation through Open Table.  She snappily informed me that they don’t participate and don’t take reservations.

At this point what can you do.  We grabbed a table and I let it go for the time being.  Since they say that they are not a participating restaurant, it will be interesting to see if I get any points out of this visit.  I made sure to pay with my IHG credit card, just in case that mattered.  The deal I expected to get is the first time 500 points plus the 150 points for a total of 650 points.  I think I will give it a few days, then make a follow up call to IHG inquiring about the situation.

I was hoping to utilize Open Table for out of town dining as a way to grow my IHG points.  What I figured out instead, is that I don’t trust the restaurant list now.

What are your experiences with the Open Table program?




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