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Travel Themed Date Nights

With the Covid virus spiking again and the cold months setting in, many of us are looking for ways to enjoy the weekends while staying safe at home.

In Michigan we are rapidly moving past deck weather so alfresco dining at restaurants will no longer be possible. I have been thinking about how to make our Friday Nights at Home during the cold months a little more interesting. Since we can’t travel right now, I thought planning a few Travel Themed Date Nights at home could be a fun option.

3 Key Parts to a Travel Themed Date Night

  • Food
  • Adult Beverages
  • Activity

To get started take out a calendar and choose a date and then pick a few possible theme locations. Part of planning a dinner menu should be to pair it with an adult beverage that also speaks to the area. Creating a play list of the local music might also enhance the dinner experience. Finishing the evening with an activity or movie from the theme location should tie it all together nicely.

Theme Night Ideas

Although the options for theme locations are endless, I have put together a few samples just to give you some basic ideas. I suggest you start planning about a week in advance so you can do some research, plan your menu and pick up necessary supplies.

Paris – Start with a Charcuterie Board served with a traditional French wine. Move on to savory stuffed crepes for dinner and think creme brulee or chocolate croissants for dessert. For movie options Midnight in Paris or Chocolat with Johnny Depp would be good choices or you could enjoy a few competitive games of Mille Bourne. We usually play best of 3 rounds.

Belgium – How about steamed mussels and Frites with mayonnaise for dinner served with a nice Belgian beer. For dessert some fluffy waffles with whipped cream, strawberries and a drizzle of chocolate. Watch a Belgian soccer match or a movie like In Bruges.

Mexico – You have to make pork with lime for dinner and pair with a Margarita or some Mexican beer if you are going to watch Once Upon a Time in Mexico. Serve Churros and Chocolate or Flan for dessert.

Italy – I am sure you can think of a hundred pasta dishes for an Italian theme night. Serve with a wine like Chianti, Sangiovese, Pinot Grigio or an Italian beer like Peroni. Tiramisu or some amaretti cookies served with sweet Vincento wine would be perfect options for dessert! The Italian job, Under the Tuscan Sun or The American are solid film choices that feature beautiful Italian scenery.

Germany – Start off with soft warm pretzels, mustard and a German Beer or some Riesling for a German theme night. Sauerkraut and sausages would be a great dinner option followed by apple strudel or plum kuchen for dessert. The Monuments Men would be a good movie option.

New Orleans – Mix up a big batch of Gumbo or Jambalya. Enjoy your dinner with a Hurricaine or a Sazerac cocktail and finish with some Pecan Pralines for dessert. Dance to some lively Cajun music or Step back in time with a movie like Streetcar Named Desire, The Big Easy or the James Bond Classic Live and Let Die.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are reminiscing about someplace you have been, or dreaming of somewhere you are planning to visit, you should give Travel Theme Nights a try. Even if you just do one, you might find its really fun.

Plan one with a friend or your special someone. To add a little extra spice, you could put several destinations into a hat and draw one out randomly. You can choose to keep these nights simple or get as elaborate as your heart desires.

If you can’t find an activity or a good movie available, watch a travel show that features your destination like Samantha Brown’s Places to Love or Rick Steve’s Europe. Food shows from distant locations like Somebody Feed Phil or Chef’s Table are also great options.

Stay Safe and Have fun with your Travel Themed Date Night!

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