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Luggage Review: Sam 22″ Hardside Carry-On Case

When I had to replace our well-traveled luggage, I conducted a lot of research before deciding on a 3-pc set of Samantha Brown Luggage in Navy blue for myself.  My husband only wanted a carry-on bag, so I purchased the Sam 22″ Hardside Carry-on Case in Navy blue for him.  Although they are different sets, they still look nice together.



What we Love

Now that we have taken a few trips with our new luggage, I thought I would be a good time to review the Sam Carry-on bag for you.  This stuff rolls like a dream through the airport.  When we have all our bags, I love the way my personal item tote slides over the handle and stacks on my larger bag making it so easy for me to maneuver all 4 pieces by myself.

This hard side bag is made of durable PET and has a Manufacturers 5 year Limited warranty.  It has built-in locks and two charging ports.   It fits perfectly into the overhead bins on airplanes.  The Sam bag holds a lot of stuff!  It has a zippered divider, sturdy elastic straps, and several pockets.  My husband was able to get everything he needed for a 6-day trip into just this one case.

Handy Feature

When we traveled to Hawaii on Southwest Airlineswe had to spend a lot of time at the Oakland Airport.  There are no charging ports on Southwest planes and there was no good place to charge our devices at the OAK airport gates.  Then we remembered that the Sam Carry-on bag has built-in charging ports. We were able to plug in both of our devices and get them charged before boarding.  Genius!

When we got the new Sam carry-on case, I also purchased a small flat portable charger that fits into a pocket inside the bag.  The charger only cost about $10 and holds up to 4 full device charges.  I make sure to have it fully charged before leaving on any trips.


What we Need

My husband is the kind of guy who shoves all his personal belongings into a million pockets when he travels.  This got him into trouble on a recent trip when he forgot to remove a phone charger before going through Security at the airport (even after I asked him if he had emptied ALL of his pockets…eye roll).

Since his new carry-on bag has no outer pockets, we purchased a small Rick Steves backpack that is perfect for all the “stuff” he has with him on travel days. It fits his tablet, all his cords, his phone, keys, and a few snacks, and has a mesh outer pocket for a water bottle.

Final Thoughts

My husband has never been enthused about luggage, but he honestly loves his new Sam Carry-on bag.  He is excited by how organized it is and how much stuff he can get into it.  If he is happy and not grumbling about suitcases when we are traveling, then I am also happy.


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