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Wheeling and Dealing on a New Piece of Luggage

This year I found the need to retire my well used 20 year old luggage set.  First it showed small signs of wear and tear and then things just began to fall apart.  So a few months ago, I made the decision to spend the money and replace it.  I discovered Samantha Brown’s luggage line and really liked it’s durability, functionality and style.  Luggage designed by a Travel Pro for people who travel.

My New Luggage Has Arrived! I kept watching it and eventually got a pretty good deal on a 3 piece luggage set that I had been looking at.


But, What About Mark?

I had not replaced Mark’s suitcase yet.  He let me know that he liked the hard side style and only wanted a carry on size bag.  A few weeks after receiving my new pieces, Samantha introduced her new Sam 21.5″ Hardside Carry On Case.   The bag features lots of interior organization and pockets.  I also like that it comes in a blue color similar to my new set.



It’s a great carry on size plus is fully expandable. The bag features spinner wheels, a telescoping handle, has built in TSA locks and dual USB charging ports.  Handy features! Plus it includes a 5 year limited warranty.




The price of the bag was $129.99 plus tax and $14.22 for shipping and handling.  You know I am cheap budget minded (lol), so I would need to wait for the bag to be on some kind of discount, or rebate that would bring it down to around $100 before I would order it.  Well surprise, it did.  I follow Samantha on Instagram and last week I saw that the bag was on some kind of 1 day deal.

I hurried over to the HSN (Home Shopping Network) site which is the only place you can buy her products.  The bag was 20% off plus free shipping.  I was super excited and ready to order.  Along the way, I found an additional $10 HSN coupon to apply to my purchase bringing the bag total with tax (and no shipping charge) down to $95.39.  Sold!  Without the discounts it would have been $152.21 so I saved a total of $56.82 and came in under my $100 budget.



Although it can be hard waiting for the stars and the moon and the sun to align in order to get the best deal, if you can be patient, it will usually happen.  I love it when you get exactly what you want for the price you want to pay for it.  That’s Winning!

We are super excited for it to roll in so we can take it for a spin on our fall trips to Texas and Hawaii.


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