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Storing my Travel Gear

If you love to travel, then you have probably acquired a fair amount of luggage and travel gear. I know I have!  Even when you nest your suitcases, it still takes up a decent amount of space.

I used to store the big items in the closet of our extra bedroom in our basement.  It was dark and hard to get things in and out of.  But last year I lost that storage space when we started a project to remodel that room into my husbands man cave.

So I had to find a new place for all of our luggage and travel gear.  Although we have a a small storage area in the basement, it really didn’t have enough space available for our luggage.  That was when I started looking at my daughters old room. She hasn’t lived at home for a few years.  That room has a nice shelving unit in the closet that is great for keeping travel gear organized. Big enough floor space for our luggage, shelves for my bins, boxes and extra bags and it even has some hooks for my sun hat or travel pack.



Lets start at the top with the purple bins.

  • The first one has all of our packing cubes, shoe bags, or other flat storage items.
  • The second one contains all of our travel sundries. Zip lock bags filled with trial sized dental care items, tiny shampoos, sunscreens, hair spray, etc. A soap case (cuz I always take my own due to having sensitive skin) toothbrush holders, and an oven mitt for my hair straightener.
  • This shelf also has a small box of dryer sheets (they keep your suitcase smelling fresh when you travel) and packaging supplies like tape and a box of bubble wrap.

Tech & Travel Gear Box

  • The next shelf holds my Travelon travel bag
  • There is a first aid kit and a travel case for jewelry (which I rarely use since It is infrequent that I wear or pack jewelry).
  • The box provides a place for a lot of little miscellaneous travel items. Our luggage locks, charger storage case, a selfie stick tripod, luggage scale and international plugs. There is also a pair of under shirt security zipper pouches, a travel scarf with a passport pocket, luggage tags, a lint roller and my gorgeous Klimt luggage straps.

Last Shelf

  • The last shelf holds a flat folded thermal lunch bag which we use for road trips or the beach.
  • There is also a canvas tote bag for the beach and a shoulder bag from our old luggage that we use to store things like our travel steamer.


Final Thoughts

I like having everything stored in one place. It makes it much more convenient and easier to pack when I’m not running everywhere looking for things. It’s also nice having it stored in my daughters old room because I can spread out on the bed while I’m packing. This closet has much easier access and way better lighting as well. 

It was a good solution to my travel storage problem and a solid use of the space!