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Sometimes If You Snooze, You Lose!

Traverse City Michigan is one of my favorite Quick Trip or Long Weekend destinations.  Over the years that we have been visiting there, we have stayed in many of the local hotels.  During those stays, we found some favorites based on their location, the view, or a great price if we were just looking for a bed to sleep in.  Different trips, different needs.

In 2016 a brand new Hotel Indigo opened near downtown.  This hotel has a rooftop bar and is said to have a very nice bay view.  I have really been wanting to check it out.   To date, we have not stayed there for a few reasons.  First they are one of the only hotels in Traverse City that charges for parking. Paying for parking is a pet peeve of mine.  The hotel often has no availability and the room rates are also usually significantly higher than other places that we enjoy staying.  I could book with points, but I have been hoarding my IHG points for our future trip to Portugal where the points will go a lot further.  There is also the option to use an IHG Anniversary Night certificate except they are only good for 40,000 points and this hotel is normally set at 50,000.  Circumstances have just not worked out for us so far, but I always check their rates when we are heading up.

From 9/8 through 9/11 we are staying at a resort in the Traverse City area.  Although we have never stayed at this resort before and it is a little remote, it gives us great options for social distancing while still enjoying the things we like about this area.  I have been very reluctant about staying in hotels during Covid-19, so that alone makes it worth it.  Since we are not checking in until Tuesday, just for shits and giggles, I checked the rate for Monday at the Hotel Indigo.  With our current hotel being much more remote, adding one night near downtown would be nice.

Shockingly, not only did they have availability, but it would only require 27,000 points to book as a Reward Night.  That would mean I could use our Anniversary Night Certificate that will expire 12/31/20.  Wow!  Wait for it… here comes the bad news.

If you follow my blog regularly, you may have read about our ongoing Global Entry Saga.  Well our 4th appointment is scheduled for 9/8 at DTW airport in Detroit.  I could hear Clint Eastwood in my mind asking me “Do You Feel Lucky?”  That answer is simple, No!  Because DTW and the hotel are so far apart, I would have to count on my Global Entry Interview getting cancelled again to make the reservation work.  Queue the Jeopardy music please.  I messaged my friend Sharon from the Your Mileage May Vary blog who has been following our interview issues, and joked with her that if I made the hotel reservation that the interview would finally happen for sure.  I also considered booking the room and canceling later if necessary.


The Moral of the Story

Well, “if you snooze you lose” or “no guts no glory” either would be appropriate. Because while I was overthinking what to do, the Reward Nights disappeared.  When will I learn.  It’s always better to grab the reservation while you can than it is to chance losing the option altogether.

Maybe next trip Hotel Indigo!


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