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Our Global Entry Saga Continues

I applied for Global Entry in January.  Our original interview appointment was March 20 but got cancelled due to Covid-19 and we rescheduled for June 20.   In the first weeks of June, that interview was also cancelled.

Will the 3rd Time be the Charm for Our Global Entry Interview?

At that time, their site listed that they would be reopening 7/6 so I took the first open time slot with 2 available appointments that I could get which was 7/16.  This would be our 3rd scheduled appointment.

The answer is NO! The 3rd time was not the charm for us!

Today I received another cancellation notice indicating that now they will not be opening until after 8/10/20.  I am feeling sad and a bit frustrated as I try to complete this process.  Ironically, I missed getting through with our first interview by just a few days.  Who knew when I applied in January that it would take all year to get this done.

I guess it is a good thing we have cancelled all our trips for this year.  Well, time to tackle their system and try to schedule new appointments, AGAIN.  Wish me luck!


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