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Let’s Play Travel Show and Tell … and it’s Your Turn!

Hey there Travel Friends,

I always get to talk about what I am up to, where I have gone or where I am heading to next.   I also try to share lots of tips, tricks, and travel hacks as well as helpful programs that can save you money on your travels.


Today let’s play Travel Show and Tell

And you are IT! 

Time for YOU to share YOUR Travel and Savings favorites!


Tell us about your favorite destination, tour company, hotel, car rental company or credit card.  Here are a few other ideas we would all love to read about!


Where is your favorite Local Spot for Adventuring?

Mine is Traverse City.  It’s a quick and easy place to escape to for a quick weekend getaway or a relaxing stay-cation.  There are tons of activities, amazing food and great beer and wine trails located throughout the area.

Where is your favorite place for a local escape?

What was your favorite Trip in 2019?

Leave a comment telling us a little bit about the destination and why you loved it!


Where are you going in 2020?

Got any trips planned?  Leave a comment about where you plan to travel to next year!


What frustrates you most when planning a big trip?

Maybe I can provide some helpful insights for you!


Do you use Points, Miles, Rewards or Loyalty Programs?

What is your favorite way to offset travel costs?


Do you follow any great blogs that we should be reading or awesome Money Saving sites we should check out?

Do tell.  I always love reading new perspective on travel and savings.


Thanks for playing today and I hope you took a minute to share

a few of YOUR Favorite Things!  




Just an Art and History Nerd from MI Who Loves to Travel, Explore, Save Money, Share Tips, Enjoy the Best Foods & Adult Beverages🍷🥂🍸 Then Blog About It!

4 thoughts on “Let’s Play Travel Show and Tell … and it’s Your Turn!

  1. We were in Ireland and Greece this fall. Loved Dublin, very walkable city. Did day trips from Dublin. Enjoyed Greece for all the history and mythology. In May of 2020 we are going to Scotland and England. Can’t wait!!!!!

  2. Really nice post! I love to go to portrush for a staycation escape which is about an hour and a bit away from where I live. I love it because it has a few beaches, great restaurants, amusements and really pretty scenery:)

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