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30 Gift Ideas for Travelers

Every year, we buy gifts for our friends, families and coworkers to celebrate everything from birthdays to marriages and holidays.  Finding the perfect gift for those people can sometimes be daunting, but it can be oh so rewarding when you do.  I really enjoy the look on someone’s face when you have just hit the nail on the head with a gift you have selected for them.  I also love it when my friends or family know me well enough to find a gift that’s really ME.

Things to keep in mind when choosing a gift

  • Focus on their personal interests or specific needs
  • Decide what message you want to send with this gift (funny, thoughtful, romantic)
  • If you see them regularly, really listen closely to them beforehand to pick up clues or insights
  • Show a little bit about yourself through the gift you choose (fun loving, caring, knowledgeable)

One of my good friends gave me a set of gorgeous luggage straps featuring the artwork of Gustav Klimt.  I had just been to Vienna and was raving about seeing his paintings while there.   She was able to determine what my interests were (travel and art), choose something useful (luggage straps) and pick up clues from our conversation (me excitedly talking about the Klimt paintings) to find a gift that was thoughtful, useful and clever.

I absolutely loved it!

Here are 30 Gift Ideas for Travelers

If you have a travel lover on your gift list this year, here are a few ideas that I have compiled of items they might enjoy.

1 – Handy Travel Items

  • Reusable Water Bottle
  • Travel Guides for an area they are planning to visit (or just dreaming about)
  • Portable umbrella
  • Universal Plug Adapter
  • Luggage scale

2 – Movies about Foreign Places

  • Eat, Pray, Love
  • The Italian Job
  • Midnight in Paris

3 – Travel Gear

  • Luggage Tags
  • Packing Cubes
  • Decorative Straps

4 – Travel Tech

  • Blue tooth headphones
  • Portable Charger
  • Earphone splitter for tablet

5 – Travel Magazine Subscription

  • Budget Travel
  • Lonely Planet
  • Afar

6 – Comfort Items

  • Travel blanket
  • Neck Pillow
  • RFID Blocking travel wallet

7 – Travel Themed Gift Cards

  • AirbNb
  • Airlines
  • Hotels

8 – Travel Bags

  • Carry on Tote bag
  • Waterproof zipper bags
  • Make up or jewelry Case

9 – Photo Needs

  • Picture frames
  • Albums
  • Selfie Stick/Tripod

10 – Travel Themed Decor

  • Framed Map
  • Globe
  • Throw pillow or item depicting a place they loved traveling to

Wrapping it Up

I hope you find this list helpful in finding a great gift for any Travelers on your list.  You may also like reading this DIY Travel Project post for ideas for some handmade gift items.  There are also tons of other ideas for handmade travel gifts on Pinterest or the Travel Channel website.


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