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Autoslash – They Are The Real Deal!

As a Travel Blogger, I read tons of articles every day written by Travel Websites and other Bloggers.   I learn a lot.  I first heard about Autoslash reading posts by Joe at the Your Mileage May Vary blog. I was intrigued and needed to rent a car, so I decided to give them a try.

My first rental was in May and I was able to book 4 days in Portland for a rate of $75. Yes, $75! What a deal!!  I NEVER expected to get such a great rate.  My “magic number” was $100 (FYI my car rental number is always $100 no matter where or how long, lol) so I came in 25% under budget.  Hooray for me.

That got my attention so I used them again to book a 3 day rental for Hawaii in October. Autoslash came in with a rate around $100 for a small SUV through Dollar or Thrifty. But we wanted a compact car and preferred to use Alamo so instead we grabbed a little higher rate they had listed at $126. I was still very happy with that price.  I figured everything costs a little more in Hawaii AND we were getting exactly what we wanted.

In the meantime, I booked another car for a trip to Texas in September. Rates there were higher coming in at $173 for 4 days. Even though it was more than I wanted to pay, it was the best rate I could find so I booked it.  I had recently read about how Autoslash also offers a Rate Tracker that notifies you if the price drops. So I signed up for them to track this rental. I did get an email about a lower price the day before we left, but It was only a few dollars less, so I opted to keep the original reservation.

This gave me the idea to add the Price Tracker to the Hawaii reservation. I got 2 alerts within a few days. The first would save me about $4, the second would save $7. I decided that the difference would need to be at least $10 (another Dev “magic number”) to make it worth messing with changing the reservation. So I passed on both of those offers.  With only 2 days left until our trip, I got another email. When I checked it out this time, I was able to reserve the same compact car from Alamo for only $105! I booked it and ended up saving $21 off my original reservation.  This made it come in very close to my $100 “magic number” for car rentals.

After booking the new reservation, I went out to Priceline, and carefully cancelled the first reservation. Although I was a bit nervous this first time about working through the process, everything worked very smoothly.  It was actually quite easy.


Final Thoughts

If you need to book any car rentals, I suggest you try out Autoslash. The process is easy, the rates are great and the rate tracker feature offers you a chance to save even more money after booking.

I am a loyalty member with 2 different car rental agencies but couldn’t find rates as good as the ones on Autoslash.   I also did direct searches on Priceline which came up higher than when utilizing the links sent to me by Autoslash.  Whatever magic they are using really works for getting great rates.


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