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New USPS Mail Hold Requirements

Over the last several years, whenever we travel, I have been placing mail holds online at USPS.Com.  It was always super easy and I have never had any problems.  I just set one up in September when we went to Texas and it was business as usual. But last Friday I attempted to set one for our upcoming trip only to find the site now requires you to have an account.  Apparently, these new requirements just started this month.  Surprise!

In order to create an account, I needed to set up a username and password.  I also had to answer 2 security questions and put in my cell phone number so that their system could verify it. I am all set up now, and was able to place my upcoming mail hold.

Of course, you can still go to your local post office and fill out a mail hold slip, then wait in line to turn it in.  But it is so much quicker and easier to use the online method.

I just thought I would pass this on in case any of you other travelers were not aware of this change.  You might want to set up an account now so you are ready to go when the time comes to Hold Your Mail while you Travel.


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One thought on “New USPS Mail Hold Requirements

  1. The option to hold mail while on the go is a very useful option. The update information you provided is very helpful. I’ve had a USPS account for quite some time, so I may not have noticed the change. Another benefit of having an account is the ‘Informed Delivery’ option. You can receive images of your mail each day, and when your held mail is delivered, you’ll be able to see if you’re missing anything.

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