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Renegotiating my Hotel Rate

I made my October reservations at Turtle Bay Resort on 8/4/19.  The rate I booked came in just under the 3 night budget I had set of $1200 including taxes and resort fees. Plus it came with a $100 Resort Credit. This was our one big splurge for our 6 day trip to Hawaii.  Knowing this was a really nice resort, and having priced many other hotels on the island, I felt like we had done well with that rate.

This week, I was checking a few things out on their website and because I was curious, I decided to check the current room rate while I was there.  The base cost had dropped from $901 to $837 for the same room and special that I had booked.  I realize that it is only $64, but remember I am a true budget traveler.  I see that $64 and think that would cover the cost of a nice meal for us or our airport parking or a whole lot of shave ice.

So I called the hotel to renegotiate the rate.  The Representative at the hotel was friendly, helpful and efficient. In order to get the lower rate, she had to create a new reservation at the lower rate and cancel the original one. Fortunately, I was still beyond the 45 days out to do this without penalties. She completed the whole process in less than 5 minutes and I received emails confirming both the new reservation and the cancellation of the old one.

My point here is that checking my rate was worth it. Without any issue I was able to quickly and easily rebook my reservation and save an extra $64. Any time you have a substantial reservation, it’s worth making sure you get the best rate possible. Make sure you understand the cancellation and change details of your initial reservation as they can sometimes be restrictive. You don’t want to lose money by making a change out of the allowed date range.  For my booking I was at day 48 and could change or cancel up to 45 days out so it was not a problem.  I hope this helps you save a few bucks down the road too.


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