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The Omelette Shoppe – A Sense of Humor and a Delicious Breakfast

Several years ago, my favorite breakfast spot in Traverse City, Mabel’s, closed it’s doors.  What made matters worse is that we found out the hard way.  My daughter and I headed to TC very early one morning (3.5 hour drive) and drove straight to Mabel’s for our highly anticipated breakfast only to find it out of business.  We were devastated and starving.

When I returned home, I was discussing my distress at this closure with a coworker and he recommended The Omelette Shoppe for our new go to breakfast place in TC.  They have 2 locations.  One is downtown and one is in a little strip mall on the main drag near the Old Mission Peninsula.  On our next visit we gave the downtown location a try and gave it the stamp of approval as our new breakfast joint.

On my recent trip to Traverse City, my husband and I visited the other location.  He let me out while he parked as the restaurant was packed.  Always a good sign!  When I checked in to get on the wait list, I was given a laminated pink card that said “Jessica Alba” on it.  Instead of listing your name on the list or giving you a pager, the Hostess gets on the mic and calls out the name of the celebrity that matches your card when your table is ready.  Too funny!




What was even funnier was that Mark was completely unaware of this process when he came in from parking the car.  A few minutes later the Hostess announces that the table for “Brad Pitt” is ready.  Mark looked up quickly from reviewing the menu and glanced around bewildered.  I loved it.  So we had the pleasure of dining with the likes of Katy Perry, Luke Bryan, Justin Timberlake, Brad Pitt and John Travolta.  Now that’s a fun breakfast spot.

Just to be clear, they also have amazing food.  They source their eggs locally every day for the zillions of omelettes, quiches and other breakfast items they make. Our toast was even served with a side of home made strawberry jam that was out of this world.  They get my vote for Best Breakfast in Traverse City.


In addition to the 2 locations in Traverse City, there is also 1 in Grand Rapids.


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