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What’s the Best Luau on Oahu?

Hey Reader friends we need your help! We are taking our first trip to Hawaii in October. We will be staying on Oahu for six nights. Three nights in Waikiki and 3 nights on the North Shore (with a car).  One thing we want to do is go to a Luau. There are soooo many choices it is hard to know which one to pick. Finding articles that compare them impartially has been a challenge.


We would like some recommendations from YOU on your favorite Luau experiences on Oahu. Here are the things important to us:

  • Food quality
  • Price/Value
  • Authentic and Entertaining Performance
  • How big is it (will we be herded through like cattle)

Is it better to reserve ahead or will we find better deals once we are there?

Location is not an issue. We will have a car for 3 nights and Waikiki transportation options available for the remainder.


Thanks in advance for helping us choose. I am looking forward to reading your comments and suggestions!


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