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Road Trip 101

As much as we like big vacations, my husband and I also love Road Trips. We like them big, we like them small, oh my goodness we like them all!  Driving cross country and checking out the sites adds a lot of interest to a trip. But if we have nothing planned and it’s a beautiful day, we often find ourselves jumping in the car for a one day adventure. I love exploring our own state and finding cool new places.


Our Cheesiest Road Trip Smiles

10 Tips for planning a One Day Road Trip

  1. To avoid getting driving fatigue, keep your trip to within 2 hours from home (don’t forget that it will take at least that long getting back)
  2. Start early to get the most out of your day
  3. Take water and a few car snacks to keep you going
  4. Keep the itinerary loose with only 1 or 2 planned stops
  5. Stop randomly at other places of interest
  6. Make sure all parties on the trip get to help select stops
  7. Find middle ground on the radio and keep it at a level that still allows for conversation….unless you are belting out a tune together!
  8. Explore different places to eat or try out a new Brewery
  9. Get off the main roads and enjoy more of the local scenery
  10. Relax….take your time…enjoy the day and your companion(s) and try to let all the little stuff roll off your back


Sometimes we Have a Silly Theme

  • Fruitventures: Finding local produce that is in season or heading to a u-pick farm.
  • Beerventures: Taking a trip to a favorite Brewery or exploring a local Ale Trail or similarly a Wineventure since our state is full of wineries as well.
  • Foodventures:  Planning a road trip to one of our favorite places to eat or looking for a new one.  We love to eat and try lots of stuff.  Nom, nom, nom!


Even if you are just going to visit friends or family out of town, you can take it slow and explore along the way.  Have fun, enjoy summer and take a Road Trip or two.  It’s amazing all the awesome the things you will find!





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