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Uber Confession

What I am about to tell you is shocking…..Mark and I have never used Uber!  There it is. Admitting it is the first step, right? We have used Lyft twice with some friends, but never Uber.

We may be able to save some money on one of our adventures this year if we utilize their service, so I guess I am going to have to get up to speed. We are planning to travel to Dallas in September for a football game. I really don’t love driving in Dallas because there is a LOT of traffic. Driving in heavy traffic and in a rental car is a recipe for Anxiety for me.

Since the hotel I am looking at offers an Airport Shuttle, we really only need to get from the hotel to the Stadium and back! There is a Trolley in Arlington that we could take from our hotel to the Stadium that costs $20 Round trip (round trip only tickets).  The route includes a lot of stops so I feel like it would be about as slow as riding the bus on the Vegas Strip! You will get there….eventually.  An Uber would be cheaper than a car rental and faster than the Trolley, giving us more flexibility and more time to do what we want to do!

I guess I will be doing the research, putting on my big girl pants and giving Uber a try!


What have your experiences with Uber been like?





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