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Putting Money in my Travel Fund

Your Travel Fund doesn’t have to be fancy, but it helps if it is Separate from your every day Money.  I have a separate bank account and a handy jar for stashing extra cash in.

I was excited to start putting money in mine this year by 1/8/19. Some years it’s a few months after Christmas before I get to start feeding it.

One thing I did was cash $60 out of my Ibotta. I left some funds in Ibotta while I finished a large bonus, then cashed out another $40. That’s a very quick $100! I earned a lot of the Rebates during the holidays and some big Bonuses the first few weeks of January. All I had to do was select offers, be smart and scan receipts. Pretty easy money.

I am also getting an Ebates check for $95 pretty soon. I earned this from clicking through their portal for all my online holiday shopping. They pay out quarterly, so October thru December 2018 checks come mid February.

If you don’t have Ebates or Ibotta, you are leaving some easy money on the table! There are sign up links with a bonus offer on my Referrals Page (see top menu). If you use my link, I get a small bonus too.

I also added $70 in Tips from my Side Gig. I work a side job 1 time a month and whenever they are short handed or have big events. It is super flexible and pays out hourly plus tips. My credit card tips and hourly pay get direct deposited into my Travel Savings bank account and I put the cash tips into my savings jar. I like having some Travel cash on hand in case an adventure pops up!!

I will have $265 cash in just over a month this year. Plus money building in my Travel account. I am typically able to add a minimum of $150 per month without using wages from either job. That means I save over $1800 per year through Rebates and cash Tips.

I also pledged for New Years to put $40 a month into my travel account this year. This money comes from not making extra purchases from sites like Stitch Fix, Home Meal Boxes or Fab Fit Fun. I averaged out what I spent on those purchases last year to $40 per month. That’s $480 over the course of this year that will end up in the Travel kitty! Easy Peasy!

Add that to those wages and credit card tips from my side gig, and my Travel account fattens right up! Then combine all these savings together and you easily get $3500 for the year.

Hmmmm…that’s the same as the budget I set for my 10 day trip to Portugal next year.

Additionally, we are putting a percentage of any overtime wages from when Mark works Saturdays into the fund. When the busy season hits for him, he works Saturday most weeks. I didn’t even factor his overtime or bonus shifts at my side gig into the $3500.

The point is, there are a lot of ways to add cash to your Savings fund and they don’t have to be complicated or terribly time consuming. It can be as simple as putting money in from returnable bottles, a yard sale or selling something you don’t need.

If you REALLY want to Travel, there is always a way to fund it! Get creative. My next post on the subject will be finding a side gig that works for you.

Plan, Dream, SAVE, Adventure!





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