My First Love: Italy

People often remember their “first love” with great fondness. Comparing all others too it. Sometimes wondering about it or yearning for it. (Imagine Portuguese Fado music here).

My first real Travel Love was Italy. I will never regret devoting 2 weeks to learning her curves and discovering her hidden secrets. I will always yearn to go back for more. She is my First Love.

I am thankful that we chose to do an in depth exploration on our first trip there. We traveled as far South as Positano on the Amalfi Coast and North to Lake Como and the Island of Bellagio.  I also had my first taste of beautiful Venice where I was serenaded in a gondola on my birthday and then feasted on fresh seafood on the Island of Burano.  We adventured to the Isle of Capri, dined at a winery in Tuscany and explored the cities of Florence and Rome. We took in so much history during visits to the Vatican, Pompeii, Pisa, Milan and Assisi. It was glorious!

I returned to Italy diving deeper into Venice and discovering the beauty of Varese. Italy never disappoints me.  I know in my heart that I will go back. That has never been a doubt because there is so much more I need to see, learn and experience.

Italy holds my heart. She is my first Travel Love! Amore mio!

What was your First Travel Love?