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Travel Tip Tuesday

Saving Money for Travel

Here are 5 simple things you may be able to do without or cut back on this year in order to save more money for travel.


This one is hard. Try to cut back or quit smoking. You will improve your health, and be able to put the money you normally would have spent on cigarettes in your travel fund!

I read that people who smoke a pack a day spend over $50 per week….that’s a lot of potential vacation money!  


Coffee out

Brew at home or get a keurig  for work (if it is appropriate) .   Foo foo coffees cost about $3.50 to $5 per cup and hides a lot of extra calories. By cutting these out or cutting back on them you can save money and maybe shed a pound or two.

Then there’s one less disposable cup each day in the world as well!


Trendy Extras

Stitch Fix, Meal delivery Kits, Fashion boxes are all extra purchases you could consider  cutting out or reducing. Look at your 2018 spending to see how many of these you ordered. I find most of these are about $60 per order. Cancel your subscriptions or don’t order in 2019 then put that money in your travel fund!

I am guilty.  I bought all 3 of those last year….none this year though!  Saving instead.


Eating out – Lunch

Analyze your eating out pattern. Do you eat lunch out every day? If so cut out 2 or more days by bringing a healthy lunch (average $10 per day) then put the money you would have spent on them in your travel fund.  Healthy Choices and Money Savings!

I found these salads in the produce section. They are very good, have 5 varieties and only Cost around $3 (I got them 2/$4 and tried 2 of the varieties)

Let’s Do Lunch  is a post I wrote with some great ideas for packing lunches


Eating out – Dinner

What about dinners out? How many days per week do you eat out? For every day you replace with a meal at home you could put $15 in your travel fund.  You can’t cut out dinners out completely because they are sometimes social events.

We use Restaurant Rewards programs for some chain restaurants we frequent like Outback or Buffalo Wild Wings to give us a savings.  I also have one of my credit cards set to 3 times Rewards on Dining out, so that when I do eat out I am also earning travel points.  



Hopefully you can find one or two of these items that work for you to cut back on or do without and save some extra money for your Travel Fund!

Dream, Plan, SAVE, Adventure!







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