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Would you fly Wow Air?

I wrote a story earlier this year about a terrible experience my friend Jerry had with WOW airlines: Not so WOW Experience.  Because I felt strongly about his experience, I have been paying close attention to the Wow Saga. Here is some of what has happened with them so far this year.

A few months ago we started to hear the rumblings about the company being in trouble. In October they started shutting  down US Hubs in Cleveland, St. Louis and Cincinnati but then also added a new hub in Vancouver Canada.

Earlier this year (May), Wow announced low cost flights to their hub in India but now that service looks to be on the chopping block as well.

In early November news hits the wire that they are being acquired by Icelandair.  This seems to be a good match, but ultimately the deal falls apart.

This week the news also reports that they Laid Off between 100 and 350 employees (sorry reports vary on the exact number and conflict as to whether they were laid off or fired).  There is also whispers of Wow closing hubs in California.

Recent news states that they have returned a number of planes to try to stay afloat.  Now there is new talk with Indigo Partners, another budget airline based in Budapest,  who may be planning to buy a majority stake in the company.

This USA Today Story suggests that if you book with Wow Air for 2019 your flight could get cancelled.  Makes sense since the company is so volatile and they have been in a constant state of flux this year.

Here is where things get really WOW!  They are currently running a Holiday Special with 50% off flights.  What?  Really?

 Wow 50% off Sale (per Travel & Leisure).  I went directly to the sight and verified this is really happening.  The discount is for flights booked now for travel January through March.

I like a good deal as much as the next guy, but COME ON MAN do we really trust Wow Air enough to book a flight with them right now? 

If I am planning to travel overseas, I need to know my flight has a pretty good chance of actually happening.  A bargain flight is only a bargain if it actually takes off!

I think that they have lived up to their name this year…………WOW!


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