Southwest Is Offering A New Option For Your Travel Funds From Cancelled Trips

It’s 2020 and we have all had to cancel some travel plans.  Many of us have struggled to secure full credit from airlines for flights we had to cancel due to Covid-19.  Some airlines were better than others about how they handled the process.  I even know people who only got partial or no refund at all.

I had no problem when I had to cancel Southwest Airlines flights for my daughter and I in April.  Because I was thrifty and had pooled several different types of funds for my airfare payment, when I cancelled I was happy to accept Travel Funds.  It was weird though because different parts of those funds had different expiration dates. Ugh.  The part from a previous flight voucher was set to expire in September of 2020 because that would be 1 year from when it was issued.  The remainder of the Funds wont expire until 2022.

Last week realizing that I still won’t be flying anywhere before the travel voucher portion expires, I was advised by someone in the know to book a flight and then immediately cancel it.  Because I trusted them, I did so and it extend the Travel Funds expiration until next year.  Luckily it worked.  My husbands funds were different because he had not attempted to book a flight with them, it was still just a voucher.  A Southwest Customer Service Agent was able to extend his Travel Voucher for 6 months so he would not lose his $100.

Today I received this e-mail from Southwest with a new offer for Travel Funds.



When I went into my Southwest App to review my funds, a pop up box appeared.  It appears the process will be pretty easy if we decide to convert our funds to points.




Final Thoughts

It’s nice that Southwest continues to think outside the box on how to handle Covid-19 related issues.  Everyone’s situation is different.  This may or may not be the best option for you. Who knows which way the funds will be of more value while travel reinvents itself as we move through Covid-19.  Everything is so fluid this year.  Since you have until 12/15/20 to convert to points, you may want to wait a bit before pulling the trigger.  

Although I feel pretty confident that I will be able to use my credits by 9/7/22, I am not sure about my daughter or my husband.  After alerting my daughter to this new option for her funds, she can decide what’s best for her.  I am pretty sure though, that I will be converting my husbands Travel Funds with the current 6 month expiration to Rapid Rewards points which have no expiration. It just makes good sense.


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