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Choosing the Right Type of Travel

We are all different.  Each of us has different interests, abilities and expectations for the trips we take.  So why should we all book our travel from the same place or take the same type of trip?

If you are planning to use a Tour Company for your next Adventure, make sure you look at several different Trip Styles and Tour Companies to make sure you get the one that is best for YOU!

Like E.F. Hutton, when people talk (about travel in my case), I listen!  So here are just a few Travel Vendors you may want to consider for your next trip.

The red titles are all website links


Active Trips

  • Eighteen to Thirtysomething tours
  • Local Living Tours
  • Active Tours
  • Classic Tours
  • Family Tours
  • Marine Tours
  • Private Group Tours
  • Rail Tours
  • National Geographic Journeys

Philosophy: The Right Tour for the Right Traveller

They offer tour types for every scenario imaginable!  Check them out to see if one of their trip styles works for you.  Create a trip that is as active as you are and meet new people with similar interests.  Explore and Experience on your Terms.


Active trips for Eighteen to Thirty-five year olds

  • Iconic Essentials
  • Discover
  • In-Depth Explorer
  • Sailing or Cruising
  • Short Trips or Festivals
  • Camping
  • Ski and Snowboard

Philosophy:  It’s about living in the moment, pushing past your comfort zone, challenging yourself to do the things you never thought possible.

Similar to G-Adventures these trips are designed for the young adventurer ready to discover the world. Offering unique food and travel experiences with more freedom and flexibility at an unrivalled value.  Plus tailored travel styles that provide more fun and less hassles.

Trafalgar Tours

Premium Tour Packages

  • Country or Regional Explorer Trips
  • At Leisure Trips
  • Discovery Trips
  • Hidden Journey Trips
  • Family Experience
  • Combinations
  • Cost Saver

Philosophy: To carefully craft our trips with one goal in mind; to enable our guests to live The Good Life!

Premium guided tours designed to take care of every detail allowing the traveller to relax and discover the heart of their destinations.   These tours are for all types of travellers with all age ranges and activity levels blended together.  Knowing your travel style will help you discover the right trip type for your best enjoyment.  If you like late mornings and slow pace, pick at Leisure.  But if you want to see it all, a Country or Regional Explorer might be right for you.  To get an in-depth view of the areas you travel to choose a Discover or Hidden Journey Trip.  And for those wanting to keep to a tighter budget, consider a Cost Saver.

Gate 1 Travel

Affordable & Flexible

  • Budget Friendly Options
  • Guided
  • Independent Options
  • Fly and Drive
  • Discovery
  • Small Group
  • Signature Luxury Collection Trips

Philosophy:  Delivering More of the World for Less

I like that this company offers both Guided Tours and Independent Options.  With the Independent trips, the price is just air with hotel and breakfasts.  You can spend your time doing what YOU want to do but still enjoy the discounted price by bundling air/hotel through their site.  Very affordable trips.

Bonus: with Gate 1 Travel  they post trips on E-commerce Vendors.  This makes it easy to stack some deals for great savings.  So even though they are a very affordable site, if you start with Ebates then Book through Living Social or Groupon you will save even more.


Example:  6 Days and 4 Nights with Air/Hotel to Milan 

Gate 1 Travel is $649 pp  Total for 2 people = $1298

Groupon is $599 pp and regularly offers a 20% off  Total for 2 people = $958.40

Ebates  offers  6 – 8% Rebates on Groupon Getaways Rebate of $57.50 – $76.70


The Options out there are endless!  I can never emphasize enough: DO THE RESEARCH!  Subscribe to some travel site newsletters, follow them on social media, read travel articles in magazines or on the internet and listen to what your friends say after they travel.  A little time invested will help you  discover the perfect Travel Vendor and Trip Style for your next trip.



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