Let me Tell you about My Travel Agent

We live in the internet world and a lot of us now make our own travel plans. I myself do that for a lot of trips but there are times when using a good Travel Agent is the best gift you give yourself!

I am very fortunate to have a GOOD Travel Agent. Elizabeth Wray of AAA in Jackson, MI. She has helped me a few times including both of my trips to Europe.


We all like to save money and control the details of our trip. You can still do that and get the benefits of using a Professional to handle some of the details.

We already have a AAA membership so using there Travel Services makes good sense. The cost per trip I have paid is $25 per trip to use their services. Both times I also received Vouchers for Excursions on the trip. This trip they were $40 per person. I’m already coming out ahead.

When I am considering a big trip, she gets me the literature I need to figure out my plan. She answers my questions and provides her insights as well.

After I decide which way I am going, she helps me know the best time to book to get the maximum savings. Then she watches for the best air deal to go along with it. I saved a ton by taking her advice on these things. She called me last fall, with Trafalgar on the phone line and said today is the day to book your air. I ended up getting it for almost 1/2 the advertised price.

After making the trip booking, she arranged a short payment plan for me. She set up all the arrangements and had the Travel Documents ready 7-10 days before we left. She always recommends getting the Travel Insurance and takes care of those details as well.

Here is where her services are invaluable. We planned our trip for 2 years, get to the airport, taxi down the runway and then our flight got cancelled due to a mechanical issue. We are stuck at the airport and Delta is not being very helpful in getting us to London. I called Elizabeth from the airport and she started searching flights until she found us a solution. She told me about some direct flights that Delta was not giving me information on at the airport.  Sigh….Delta was not helpful!

When I got home, I stopped by her office and she helped me with my Travel Insurance Claim. She did all the paperwork, I just gave her my receipts and signed the forms.

Her services are certainly worth more to me than the small fee we pay. I highly recommend finding a good Travel Agent for your big trips or if you are near Jackson using Elizabeth.

She is our hero and saved the rest of our vacation. Many, many thanks!