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Last Postcard from Europe – Paris

A full day in Paris!

Breakfast then a Visit to the Eiffel Tower. We were able to go up to the 2nd level. Mark was laying under it taking photos. (Thanks for all your photo likes for the contest we had.)

Jumped on the bus to view the Arc de Triumph and some other Landmarks around Paris then headed to the Latin Quarter for a tour of Norte Dame, some time to explore and get lunch.

Denise, Sam, Christina, Nelson and us

Last night of our 14 day trip. Heading to the Farewell dinner with our friends.

I tried the snails and was surprised that I really liked them!

But wait there was more….

  • Evening Boat cruise down the Seine River..The Impressionists were right, the light does change everything.

  • Drove by the Eiffel Tower and bridges as the lights started to come on.
  • Got to experience Paris going wild after winning their World Cup Match (got mooned).

  • At 11pm got to see the Tower really sparkle…Tres Magnifique!

What a great last night in Paris and of our vacation. We have made it home safely and are Already talking about where we will go next!

Coming soon…

I will be doing some follow up posts and Reviews:

  • The Trafalgar Tour
  • The Hotels
  • Travel hacks/products I tested out
  • Food
  • Specific sites we visited
  • I will let you know what worked well for us overall this trip, what did not, and what we will do different next trip.

Thanks for following along!


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