And so the Adventure begins…

The Introduction

Welcome to my new blog. I intend for this to be a weekly publication that will delve into several topics.

  • Adventures both near and far
  • Big scale travels and funky long weekends
  • Local fun and events
  • Crazy things I plan with my Girl Gang
  • Fun and easy ways to fill my Fun Fund
  • Turning your vision into reality with planning
  • Sharing tips and tricks for getting the best deals

Who knows what other shenanigans we might get up to along the way….I do love a little mischief.

I’m just a simple girl from Michigan who loves to travel and have fun.


Meet my gang:

My husband of 28 years, Mark, is my main travel partner.  I gotta tell you, he is a great sport.  Whatever I plan, he jumps right on board.


I have 2 amazing kids that are all grown up now and a Grand Dog named Thor.


My son lives in Texas and works for a big University Sports Department and gets to travel a lot with his job….Lucky!


My daughter lives an hour down the road and it is said is just like her Mom. She and I have taken a lot of girls trips over the years, but now she and her fella, Austin, create some of their own  great adventures.


One of my favorite sayings is that I don’t have A best friend, I have THE best friends. Most of my friends share that common thread of loving to travel.  We plan lots of social activities, take small trips together and attend local festivities.




One of my favorite books is by Dr. Seuss, “Oh, the places you’ll go.” There are some serious ideas in that children’s book that are insightful and profound. He talks about life having highs and lows, how waiting is just a part of it all and how you need to take brave steps into life and be ready for adventure when the time is at hand. This is one of many books that have inspired me. Silly, but true.