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And so the Adventure begins…

An Introduction

Welcome to my blog. I’m Dev, just a simple girl from Michigan who loves to travel and have fun.

I hope you will follow along as I write about a variety of topics:

  • My Adventures both near and far
  • Foodie Finds (I love to try new foods)
  • Big scale travels and funky long weekends
  • Hotel and Travel Reviews
  • Lots of Pure Michigan places to visit and things to do
  • Cocktails and Recipes
  • Fun and easy ways to fill our Travel Funds
  • Travel Planning, Strategies and Deals
  • Helpful tips, tricks and life hacks

Who knows what other shenanigans we might get up to along the way….I do love a little mischief.


Meet my gang:

My husband of over 30 years is my main travel partner.  I gotta tell you, he is a great sport.  Whatever I plan, he jumps right on board. We face everything as a team even when our travels go sideways (cuz occasionally they do). He likes to remind me when I am being too frugal that it’s just money and we will make more tomorrow!


I have 2 amazing grown up kids and a super cute Grand Corgi named Thor.


My son works for a big University and gets to travel all over with his job….Lucky! We love to plan trips to visit him in Texas to catch a football game, check out yummy Texas BBQ and explore the state.


My daughter lives just an hour away and is my other favorite travel partner. She and I have taken a lot of girls getaway trips over the years, and continue to explore new places together every year. She and her fella are creating some of their own fun adventures now too.


One of my favorite sayings is that I don’t have A best friend, I have THE best friends! Most of my friends share that common thread of loving travel and adventures.  We plan lots of social activities, take small trips together and always find the best food and adult beverages wherever we go.


There are some serious ideas in the children’s book by Dr. Seuss, “Oh, the places you’ll go.” It is insightful and profound. He talks about life having highs and lows, how waiting is just a part of it all and how you need to take brave steps into life and be ready for adventure when the time is at hand. As silly as it sounds, this book has inspired me to always be ready to take on the next big adventure.


I hope that my blog will provide you with useful tips and nuggets of information that help you in some way as you plan your own adventures.

Chat Soon….Dev

Dream, Plan, Save, Adventure!!!


Just an Art and History Nerd from MI Who Loves to Travel, Explore, Save Money, Share Tips, Enjoy the Best Foods & Adult Beverages🍷🥂🍸 Then Blog About It!