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Travelon Crossbody Bag

My coworker took a trip to New York with her family. Because she was a little worried about security, she purchased a Travelon Crossbody bag. One day she brought it into the office and showed me all the features of the bag. She was so excited.

Wow! So organized and secure. Since we were heading to Europe for a 14 day trip in a few months , I made sure to get one.

Security Features

  1. Cutproof straps
  2. Latching zippers
  3. RFID blocking interior
Extra outer pocket, inner pocket, RFID slots, place for phone, wallet and small camera.
Inner padded pocket (designed for tablet), large area for sunglasses, radios, chargers and misc.

Organizational Features

  1. Zip out pocket for water bottle
  2. Inside pocket for tablet (I used it for our travel paperwork and maps)
  3. Large inner area that fits my sunglasses, 2 radio sets for the tour, phone charger, snacks, and sunscreen. Room enough to roll and stow small sweater or rain jacket when needed.
  4. Outer area with zipper area for extra cash and passports, credit card slots, space for my wallet , hand sanitizer and pockets for a small camera and cell phone.
  5. Other outer zipper area where I kept car keys, airport parking slip, and valuables.
Easy to wipe exterior, latching closures and zip out water bottle pocket.

This bag Did it all and more. It was perfect having a compact and organized bag that could hold everything I needed each day. My bag is made from a material than can easily be wiped off with a damp rag of it gets dirty.

When we were in highly populated areas, I could latch everything and feel very secure that thieves wouldn’t be able to easily gain access into this bag. It was also smaller than a backpack, so I didn’t have to leave it behind at high security tourist sites.

Travelon makes several different style bags which are available in a range of colors and materials. You can find them at merchants like Kohl’s or Target, on Amazon or directly from the Travelon website.

I have used this bag for several different types of trips now and absolutely love it. This bag is Perfect for staying organized on travel days and having room for everything you need when you are site seeing. You should check them out before your next trip.