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This Guy Makes Travel Fun

I don’t think I would be cut out to be a Solo Traveler. I enjoy sharing all my experiences with someone and my husband, Mark, is a great travel partner.  He is a lot of fun to have adventures with and we have had a ton of them since meeting in 1986.

He is happy WHEREVER I plan for us to go.  Cruises, Road trips, Vegas, European Adventures, and Local Explorations, we have done them all.  He goes with the flow.

Mark is not afraid to be a little silly in order to keep things light and make them fun.  Like when he participated in an Elvis Karaoke contest on a cruise for our 10th Anniversary.

He even participates when the excursion takes him out of his comfort zone.  Mark is not so keen on heights, but has gone up the Eiffel Tower, rode a cabrio cable car up Mt Stansehorn and went to the edge of Villa San Michele in Anacapri Italy (it’s way up there).

Mark reminds me when I fret about unforeseen costs that “It’s only money and we’ll make more tomorrow.”

He understands my nerdy compulsion to experience art, history and quirky points of interest.  I have drug him through many castles, museums, and cathedrals along our travels.

Sometimes, he reminds me that it’s ok to stop and relax.  I struggle to do that.

He will try almost any local food wherever we go.  The snails in Paris were not his favorite, but he did enjoy some frog legs.

He always supports my shenanigans…..and there are always shenanigans!


Happy Birthday to my Awesome Travel Partner Husband. Cheers to many more Adventures, lots more Travel and certainly a few more Shenanigans together!