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A Rhine Cruise and Riesling

In 2018 we embarked on a 14 day European Adventure of 7 countries. With limited time and a jam packed itinerary, we opted to book our trip with a tour company to help us maximize our experience. A Rhine Cruise was one of the items on my “must have” list when deciding which one of the many trips to book.

We were just a few days into our tour when we reached Bopard, Germany for our river cruise. Before we left dock, I found my way below where I purchased 2 small bottles of local Riesling and a nibble to enjoy during the cruise. The delicious wine came with the cutest little souvenir glasses, which was nice because I don’t tend to buy many souvenirs when we travel.

European tours like this can be very fast paced, so slowing down for a bit while the boat meandered down the river was very refreshing. Although it was a little windy, the sun was shining and there was literally not a cloud in the big blue expanses of sky. Villages, vineyards and castles dotted the countryside as we made our way down the river. I loved seeing acres and acres of Reisling grapes cascading down the hillsides.

Did I mention Castles? So many castles! I remember as we began our journey, excitedly pointing out the first castle to my husband. By the end of our cruise, I was like “yep, there’s another castle”. It’s hard to imagine so many of them located this close together.

It must have taken a very long time and been especially difficult to build such enormous structures during the eras when they were erected.

This wonderfully relaxing and oh so scenic cruise down the river from Boppard to St. Goar only took about 90 minutes. It was a sheer delight that we thoroughly enjoyed. We felt as if we had been transported into a fairy tale world.

When we arrived, just like Cinderella, our coach was waiting to bring us back into reality and whisk us away to our next destination.

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