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What Are You Doing With All Those Corks?

Wine. It’s been one of the things getting a lot of us through this last year. Thank goodness we can order it online and get it delivered right to our door! The delivery driver who brings mine kind of smirks now as I am signing for my order. Whatever! He’s just jealous.

It stands to reason that with an increase in wine consumption comes an increase of empty bottles and corks. So I wonder, what is everybody doing with them??


I was disappointed a few years ago when most of the recycling programs in my area stopped accepting glass. There are several reasons that these programs have dropped glass from their lists. Glass recycling has become less profitable, and they count on that revenue to make it worth their while. Broken glass also presents the potential for physical hazards to haulers or contamination of other materials being recycled in the same bin. There is still one pay-to-recycle program in my community that will still accept glass. Since they only operate one Saturday per month, I just have to plan ahead. It’s worth it to me.

Currently, I am also saving some bottles for a friend who may use them as table decorations for her wedding reception. I sure hope she has a lot of tables!


Behind the tasting bar at Mari Vineyards in Traverse City, Michigan (photo above) is a beautiful mosaic. It depicts their vineyard during the Summer Solstice and was made with 13,698 corks. Genius!

There are a lot of DIY projects for corks available on Pinterest. A friend of mine made me the cutest little reindeer out of corks. I have seen handy trivets, Christmas ornaments, cork boards and place card holders. The options seem endless.

I have been saving my stash of corks for a while now so that my husband (who is a carpenter) can help me make a counter top for a small bar. Once he builds the frame, I will arrange the corks inside of it and then we will cover it with a clear epoxy. I think it will be very cool.

Prosecco is one of my favorites! I have been trying to figure out what to do with all my bubbly corks. Their shape seems a little odd for crafts. Any ideas?

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Share any fun and interesting things you have found to do with your corks or bottles! Definitely let me know if you have any ideas for my mountain of bubbly corks.



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4 thoughts on “What Are You Doing With All Those Corks?

  1. The cork bar top is a great idea! I’ve also seen a couple of pages on Pinterest for DIY wine bottle bird feeders that look rather cute.

  2. Interesting! We are also saving (green) bottles for a friend’s wedding later this year … and we too hope she’s got a whole lot of tables … I can suggest more places where she can use the bottles if not only on the tables (we surely will have enough by then 😉).

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