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Goals for the New Year

Resolution: a firm decision to do or not to do something.

Woo Hoo! It’s finally the New Year and that traditionally means making some resolutions. But after a year like 2020, I feel like I have given up enough. So I have decided instead of making resolutions, I am just going to set a few goals.

What I am keeping from 2020

2020 was a lot of things. It showed us a different side of both ourselves and the people around us. Some good things, some bad things and some that just shocked or disappointed us. We learned new skills, started new hobbies, and found creative ways to get through the year. For 2021 I am going to look at all those new things, like Marie Kondo would, and keep those that bring me joy and move on from those that don’t.

My main goal or objective is to regain my balance.


In mid March of 2020, I began working from home. After a few months of struggling, I developed a workable new normal. During our strict shut down in the early part of the year, I began ordering wine for delivery. Although I love supporting local wineries, this allowed me to explore some international wines and wines from outside of our area all from the safety of my home. I have always enjoyed cooking, but never had the time to make more than 30 minute meals before. The work from home lifestyle afforded me a lot more time for creating more elaborate meals. Of course, eating these delicious meals didn’t help me avoid those dreaded covid pounds. My goal for this year is to continue enjoying great wine and furthering my culinary explorations, but just not quite as frequently. It all goes back to balance and moderation.

Because I was never leaving home, I needed some sort of transition after work. When I was working on-site, I walked a mile almost every day at lunch with my coworker. So my husband and I started taking an afternoon walk through our neighborhood. Not only was the fresh air and exercise essential for me, it gave us a chance to chat about our day, wave at our neighbors and enjoy the local flowers and wildlife along the way. This definitely brings me joy, so it is one of the most important things that I am continuing in 2021.

My husband and I have been married 30 years and spent a lot of time together in 2020. We have worked through the pandemic as a team. Anything that we have approached that way, has usually worked out pretty well. Of course we have had our days when we just really needed some space from one another, but for the most part we did a great job facing everything 2020 handed to us as a united front. I am grateful for that solidarity and hope that even after the pandemic, we can hold onto our newfound team spirit.

While I was so isolated from other people, I did a lot of things to fill my time in order to keep anxiety and depression at bay. I read more, listened to interesting historical podcasts, worked on my foreign language skills and just like everyone else I binge watched a lot of Netflix. I also focused on earning credit card and loyalty points for future travel, worked on some fiscal goals and did a lot of deep cleaning and organizing around my house. Most of these things were quite fulfilling, but I also became pretty dependent on social media as a form of human interaction. I joined some new groups, stayed on top of important subjects and found some supportive new friends. Although I will be staying involved with several of those new friends and the groups that promote personal growth (like the reading challenge for 2021 that I joined), this year I would like to spend less time glued to my phone and more time doing other more productive things that I enjoy.

Travel Goals

We had a pretty big travel year in 2019 and I had an ambitious agenda lined up for 2020. Then the coronavirus caused us to cancel everything. Although we initially just planned to reschedule all of our cancelled trips to this year, the world is still battling the virus and struggling to get people vaccinated. Therefore, I have decided to be realistic and take things slow when it comes to travel plans. There will still be an extensive period of recovery for travel even after the virus is under control, so I am going to be patient and reevaluate our plans to determine if they still make sense for this year.

Right now what I need more than a big trip to Europe (Oh, I will still plan that if conditions are right) is to visit family that we have not been able to see during the pandemic. Additionally, since I have been in my house most of the time for over 9 months, just a getaway with the hubby, to somewhere other than our house, would be great. I will be planning that soon!

The Blog

Blogging has been a challenge. Prior to the coronavirus, I was putting out 2-3 travel and lifestyle posts per week on my blog. I had a solid platform and a true direction. I didn’t start my blog as a business or to make money. For me it was just about sharing tips, ideas and things I was passionate about with other people in hopes that I could provide them with some helpful nuggets that they could use too. But then travel stopped, and I didn’t want to rehash the same news everyone else was posting. With no travels myself to write about, I lost my direction and just stopped writing altogether. Whenever I did post, it just seemed to fall flat anyway. It was discouraging.

It has been much harder to get my momentum going again than it was to do so when I started my blog almost 3 years ago. When the blog is going well, it is something that I enjoy, so I am making a goal to get the blog back on track by the end of the first quarter of 2021. I hope to start by putting out one solid post per week and slowly recovering some of my readership. I’d like to thank all of you friends and readers who have stuck with me through these trying times!

Final Thoughts

I think a new year is always a good time to look back and reflect on the things in your life. Whether it is your accomplishments, your travels, your finances or your life choices it is never a bad idea to do an annual review. This year I am going to try not to dwell on the bad things that happened in 2020 and instead think of those that I am grateful for. It seems that I have found plenty of positive things to carry with me into the new year.

Despite all the challenges, I think I did ok in 2020. I hope you all did ok too and wish you all a healthy and happy 2021!

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