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A Visit to Verona Italy

The city of Verona Italy is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is located midway between the cities of Venice and Milan, so we have had the good fortune to stop there for a visit during two different trips.

Nobody is sure if William Shakespeare actually ever visited Verona, however he certainly wrote about it in his plays. Although Romeo and Juliet were actually fictional characters, you can find a representation of Juliet’s balcony when you visit Verona. There is also a bronze statue of her located in the courtyard below. I actually found this area very crowded and a bit touristy for my liking, but it is just one small part of this beautiful city.

I think Verona is every bit as charming as Bruges with storybook bridges and ornate castle walls throughout this old world city. When strolling along the streets in Verona, you will encounter beautiful courtyards and gardens with fountains as well as designer shops. It is also home to the Verona Arena, an ancient coliseum that now hosts concerts, fairs and operas.

We love to grab a slice of pizza from one of the shops and make our way to the Market Square. It’s fun to browse through all the Vendor Stalls to find some wonderful treasures. On our last visit to Verona, we also had the good fortune to try some fresh traditional puff pastry cookies from a popular local bakery. They were warm and amazing!

Since there are so many interesting places to see in Italy, I feel that Verona doesn’t get as much attention as it deserves. I have only scratched the surface of all the wonderful things there are to do in Verona. If you find yourself planning a trip to Italy, add Verona to your list of places to visit. You wont be disappointed.

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