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Visiting the Doctor During Covid-19

It was time for my annual physical once again. Due to COVID-19, I probably would have skipped it, except I needed my medication refilled.  So I put on my big girl pants, did some adulting and made an appointment.

Upon arrival, I was screened by a nurse in the entryway before being allowed to go into the actual office.  

  • First I was asked several risk analysis questions like “Had I been out of the country”
  • Then there was an endless list of possible Covid-19 symptoms to review
  • Next they took my temperature
  • Finally they gave me a sticker to indicate I had been screened and let me into the office

Since I am vigilantly trying to avoid exposure to the virus, I booked the very first appointment in the morning.  Everything was squeaky clean and there were no other patients in the lobby, which helped me to feel less vulnerable.

New plexiglass panels had been inserted as protective dividers at all the check in and check out counters. Hand sanitizer was abundantly available everywhere you looked.  Of course, all the staff were wearing masks and did their best to maintain a safe distance.

Once inside, you could see a lot of new signage intended to increase safety.   Signs that asked you to sanitize your hands, told you where to stand when waiting to check in, where you should sit for social distancing and that you need to keep you mask on in your exam room.


I know a lot of people are afraid to go to the doctors office right now, but it’s not awful. Although I recommend sticking to necessary visits to avoid exposure, you still need to take care of your health.  The good news is that there are new options like Video or Telephone Visits that can be done from the safety of your home if you are worried about visiting the office.   

Other than all of the new signage and Covid-19 preventatives, my visit felt pretty routine and normal.  I think their scale may have been broken though, lol! 


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