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Temporary Bonus Points

Hey there friends.  Never look a gift horse in the mouth.  I hope everybody has been keeping up with all the temporary perks and elevated points opportunities on your credit cards. 

At first it was a little confusing as each card tried to one up the other ones.  They all want you to retain your credit card account and spend your money with them.  So most travel and rewards credit cards have provided some temporary perks and elevated points earning opportunities in order to stay in our good graces.

It seems like every credit card jumped on the grocery bandwagon because food is the main thing people have still been buying.  I had several options from credit cards offering higher bonuses on grocery purchases, so I looked at our future travel plans to see where we could use the boost the most. I determined we could use both Hilton and Delta points for travel plans we are working on.

Now I have been going between using our Delta and Hilton Honors Surpass cards to take advantage of their temporary higher point values. The Delta card usually only gets 1 point per dollar on most non Delta purchases. The current 4 points on groceries is a nice opportunity to boost our airline miles. We always need those!  The Hilton Surpass card is currently offering 12 points per dollar spent on groceries, which is hard to turn down. Since we may do a big Hilton resort stay this fall, we will gladly take advantage of those easy points as well.

I also discovered that anything we buy at the grocery megastore near us counts as a grocery purchase. So I bought my flowers, landscaping supplies and my husbands new charcoal grill there using these cards. In May we racked up almost 3000 extra points on the Delta card and 6000 points from Hilton.  But I think we can do even better this month.

Since the Delta card earns the 4 points per dollar on groceries through 7/31/20, I intend to take full advantage of the opportunity to grab some extra points there. This will be my go to grocery card for June and July.

In the meantime I will continue to utilize the regular 6 points per dollar on gas and dining (for our weekly take out order) and 3 points per dollar for bills paid with our Hilton card. I will probably use it for 1 big grocery trip or megastore purchase each month as well to snag the temporary 12 points per dollar. We have enough points now for 3 hotel rewards nights at a resort I am looking at in Hawaii for this fall, but I am hoping to earn the additional points needed by the end of July for a 4th reward night.

We can’t really travel right now so why not spend our downtime earning points for when we can! Make sure you are taking advantage of any temporary spending bonuses on your credit cards too. There is still plenty of time to build a little nest egg for yourself!

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