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Happy Mother’s Day 2020!

This is a hard Mother’s Day for a lot of us because of Covid-19. This year Mom’s come in 3 main varieties.

Those Super Moms working on the front lines that either can’t be with their children or at least have to be very careful with their close contact.

Mom’s sheltering in place with their kids who must try to put aside their own anxieties and fears to keep their children calm and safe. Some must wear the hat of Teacher, Chef and any other role that arises. Many haven’t had a moment of Me Time and just need a little break at this point.

Or in my case, a Mom of adult children. My daughter lives an hour away. I haven’t hung out with her and her fella or hugged her in 56 days now. Or seen my GrandPupper, Thor. It’s a little easier with my son because he already lives 1243 miles away. But still…we can’t visit one another even if we could.

Even if you are not a Mom, but can’t be with your Mom….BIG HUGS! It’s so hard! But we must keep ourselves and our Moms safe this year. That is the best gift we can give.

So to all you Moms this year, no matter which group you fall into, Happy Mother’s Day 2020!

I send you positive vibes and salute you all because this year especially, you have really earned your stripes. This storm will pass eventually and better days will return!

Hang in their!



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