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Manic Monday Update

Not much happy news today friends.  I am just trying to survive all the chaos surrounding this epidemic like everybody else is.  Hoping everybody will be ok.


Like most of us, I have travel plans that will have to be reworked.

Waiting until 4/15 to decide if I will need to cancel the Girls Getaway trip with my daughter to Arizona in late April.  Since everything is booked, I am hoping for the best but preparing for the worst.

I was just about to book our 30th anniversary trip to Portugal for September when the virus really ramped up.  I am holding up booking anything until we see how things progress.  Sadly I have been working hard on this trip for a full year.


Working From Home

This morning I was suddenly required by my employer to move my office to my house due to the Covid19 outbreak. Ugh!

What an ordeal getting all of my equipment moved across town, set up and the remote accesses working. After 3 Tech Support calls, I am finally up and running. Woo hoo!

Not ideal….but it will have to work for now. I guess this is my new normal.


Other Bad News

This afternoon I have to cancel my Global Entry Interview for Friday. We have waited since January for this appointment and will now have to start over. Who knows how long it will take to get another appointment.



Final Thoughts

I know we all have our struggles like getting groceries and being able to continue to make a living.  Everybody hang in there the best you can. 

Peace & Love



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