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A New Feature on Check Out 51

I started exploring Rebate apps a couple years ago in order to earn some easy extra money for my travel fund. I tried out several different apps and have continued using those that work the best and have the highest earning potential.


The Tortoises

For groceries, I like both Ibotta and Fetch the best. Fetch is the easiest app there is, no fuss just upload a photo of your receipt and the app does the rest. But Ibotta offers some pretty robust rebates and additional bonus earning opportunities which adds up fast.  For other online purchases, I usually find the best deals through the Rakuten (formerly Ebates).  

The Hare

I have also been using Check Out 51 since the beginning. But This app has actually been on my list to delete because the grocery options are a bit limited and it is a very slow earner.  To give you an idea of how slow the earning during those 2 years, I only earned $228 from Check Out 51 while earning $1495 from Ibotta. That’s a huge difference. Just as I was about to get rid of it, they added a new way to earn cash back.


Gas Rebates! ⛽️

Here is how it works:

You will need to have your location enabled while using the app for this to work.

When you open the app and select gas offers, it displays a map of your area with all the nearby stations listed.

It will display the gas price per gallon and rebate amount for each station.

Select the offer you plan to use just before you get your gas.

Pay and upload a photo of your receipt.

Your rebate should appear in your account within 24 hours.

Once you have at least $20 in your account, you can request a payout.


Final Thoughts

This week alone my husband and I earned $5.80 in gas rebates! I bought 10 gallons with an .18/gallon rebate and my husband purchased 20 gallons with a .20/gallon rebate. Not too shabby!

Since they have now added these gas rebates to the Check Out 51 app, I guess I will keep it for a while longer.  At least as long as it continues to have a decent earning potential.




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