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A Fun Side of the TSA

Sometimes it is refreshing to find a light hearted and entertaining site that provides super useful information.  Although the TSA may not be who you would think of first for an amusing travel site, you might be surprised to find that their Instagram site is both informative and a bit comical.

TSA on Instagram

If you are on Instagram, you should pay a visit to the TSA account. I first learned about the it from Sharon at the Your Mileage May Vary blog. She enjoys a bit of fun, as do I, which is why we both like their site.  A TSA Agent referred to as “Blogger Bob” Burns began the cleverly written content and somewhat comical vibe for the account. Although he sadly passed away in October of 2018, they do their best to keep up the good work.

I follow them regularly because the site is both educational and funny! TSA uses a lot of puns and tongue in cheek humor while sharing their most interesting security finds. Some of the Items you wouldn’t believe unless you saw the photos that they share via their Instagram posts.



They provide good to know information by taking advantage of the Instagram Stories feature in order to have regular Q&A sessions with their followers.  You can ask them anything and they will tell you the rules that apply.  They also use Stories to do presentations on a variety of subjects like whether you are allowed to pack specific items in your carry on or if it has to be in your checked bag.


Some days the focus is on recognizing the good work done by their K-9 coworkers.  These 4 Legged TSA Agents do a lot to keep us safe when we travel and they are super cute too!



For a slightly more serious look at what’s happening at TSA, you can follow them on Twitter or go directly to the TSA’s Website where you will find “Just the Facts, Ma’am”!


Dream, Plan, Save, Adventure……………and Laugh a little along the way!




**All photo credits for this post go to the TSA Instagram page and were used for illustration purposes only**


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