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How BP Ruined a Perfectly Good Loyalty Program

My husband and I have been loyal BP customers for years and have participated in their loyalty program that just ended 9/30/19.  It was easy to use.  You either swiped your card at the pump or entered your number on the key pad, followed a couple of prompts and then proceeded with your transaction like normal.  You had choices whether to use your earned rewards on your next fill or hang on to them and let them build up.

BP just rolled out the marketing for their new BP Me Rewards program.  The first thing I don’t like about it is that it requires you to download an app to your phone.  It also wants you to load in a payment method and pay for your purchases from that app.  That might be great for the younger people that already do everything on there phones, but what about the rest of the folks that either aren’t that tech savvy or prefer a more traditional means of handling their transactions?

Why We will not be participating in the new program

  • We don’t need them to track our receipts for us
  • We don’t want to be forced to load an app onto our phones in order to participate
  • We will not load in our credit card information to the app so that it can potentially be part of some future data breach down the road
  • Neither of us want to have to monkey around with an app on our phone every time we need to get gas


If it Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It!

Frankly the old system was simple to use, it didn’t invade our privacy too much or require a lot of extra work on our part.  It was worth it to participate.  I would even go out of my way to get my gas at a BP Station for every fill.  My husband purchases quite a bit of fuel each month because he has a fairly long commute to work.  I am sad that they chose to change this in a way that is not at all appealing to us as a loyal customers.  Since there is no real upside in changing to this new program, it might be time for us to find a new place to get our gas.



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