Low Bar – A Speakeasy

I enjoy the Speakeasy culture and great cocktails. Therefore, it only makes sense that I love visiting Low Bar when I am in Traverse City, Michigan.

First we took the elevator down from street level before stepping out into the darkness. The black walls and ceilings are dimly lit by chandeliers and flickering candles. We eased ourselves into a pair of black leather wing back chairs in an intimate corner and ordered a cocktail.

A Negroni for me, of course, and a Paper Airplane for the Mr. I watch , beguiled as the Bartender slightly burns the edges of my orange peel before slipping it into my drink. It just adds more depth to an already amazing cocktail.

Time is irrelevant here as I slowly sip and savor my libation.  This is what if feels like to fully unwind and actually relax.

I 🖤 This Place