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Real ID – Facts and Tips

Several months ago, I read an article explaining that we would need to have a Real ID in order to be able to fly beginning 10/1/2020. It’s a Secure Drivers License with a little Star in a circle which identifies that it is a Real ID.

The purpose: accessing Federal facilities, entering nuclear power plants, and, no sooner than 2016, boarding federally regulated commercial aircraft.

Real Id FAQ by Homeland Security

Since it is a ways off, I am not too freaked out about it, but I have put it on my list of tasks to complete sooner than later.  Anytime that the Secretary of State’s Office or US government are involved in a process, it’s a good idea not to push it to the wire to complete the necessary steps.   Those wheels grind slowly my friends.  Just try to get a TSA Precheck or Global Entry completed right now.

I am all about security and really don’t mind doing this at all.  What I do mind is having to pay for 2 new drivers licenses when ours would be good for another year yet.  It also means a trip to the Secretary of State’s office. (huge sigh) That place!  I imagine it is what hell would be like.  You have a ticket and stand there for hours but never get called up day after day…..

I went on line to see what the requirements are in my state to get a Real ID.

Michigan Real ID FAQ

  • In Michigan if you have an Enhanced Drivers License, it complies with the Real Id even though it doesn’t have the star.  When they renew, those licenses will have the star going forward.
  • If you apply at your normal renewal time, there will not be an additional fee, however, if you apply outside the renewal period you will pay a fee.
  • Take your Michigan license or ID card and proof of your Social Security number and citizenship or legal presence to a Secretary of State office in order to apply.  You will have to bring in selections from their list of acceptable documents to verify your identity.
  • If your name is different from what’s on your birth certificate, you’ll need to bring in a certified name-change document, such as your marriage license or court order.


If you plan on doing any travel by air after 10/1/2020, I suggest you put obtaining a Real ID on your To-Do List now.  Check your state’s specific requirements and give yourself plenty of time to complete the process before any fall travels in 2020.

I highly suggest not waiting til the last minute to do this friends!






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