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What is the #1 Hurdle That Keeps You From Traveling More?

I once had a long list of reasons for thinking I couldn’t travel.  The desire was there, but it was hard figuring out ways to get around the obstacles that were holding me back (or at least I thought they were holding me back).  You know what they say though, “where there is a will, there is a way.”  I made finding solutions a priority and have worked very hard the last few years to get over most of my own hurdles in order to spend more time exploring the world.

Money was always at the top of my list.   I thought that I couldn’t afford to travel. But I have discovered that there is tons of information on the web listing bargains and ways to make travel more affordable. Websites like Scott’s Cheap Flights and Autoslash that find great deals on transportation, Hotel booking sites that help to secure lower hotel room rates and discount travel companies like Gate 1 Travel or Great Value Vacations that offer affordable travel bundles. With the help of fellow bloggers like  Your Mileage May Vary   I have gained the confidence to slowly ease into using points and miles (but I know they aren’t for everyone).   Plus I have found lots of creative ways to save money for travel.  


Some of the most obvious reasons that I know that keep people from traveling:

  • Money
  • Time off from work
  • Caregivers for others
  • Unsure how to plan a big trip
  • Finding care for pets
  • A mindset that you need to wait until retirement to travel



So what is the biggest thing that keeps you from traveling?

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