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Today we Remember Anthony Bourdain by Celebrating #BourdainDay

Today, on Anthony Bourdain’s birthday, we celebrate the first #BourdainDay .  We will all share our favorite memories in an attempt to fill the gaping hole left by his departure.  His presence was large.

Like the Ramones, he was loud, raw, and told it like it was.  No holds barred.  The further he pushed things over the PC edge….the more we saw that smirk.  And that was why we loved him and followed him as if he were the Pied Piper (maybe more like Mad Max, lol).

He was more than a Chef…….More than a Travel Host…….He was a Social Anthrapologist!  Anthony didn’t just bring us the pretty shiny tourist destinations, he showed us what a place was all about.  WHO it was all about.  Whether he ate dinner with someone’s Grandma or an Indigenous Tribe, he wanted us to see the reality (and sometimes the injustices) of the world.  That was why he moved us.


What can you say about these guys…..  A triple threat of outstanding personalities.  Why wouldn’t they have been such good friends.  One can only imagine the shenanigans these men got up to.  And now to honor their friend Tony, Chefs Eric Ripert and Jose Andres have put together #BourdainDay .  Not only a day to celebrate and remember Tony, but to pass his passion along in the form of the Anthony Bourdain Legacy Scholarship.  A scholarship for students of the Culinary Institute of America who hope to follow Anthony’s global path of discovery.

Here are some of my favorite Anthony Bourdain Memories:


1 – Tony Makes a Negroni (appropriate since it is also Negroni week)



2 – Parts Unknown Episode: Kenya with W. Kamau Bell


3 – Parts Unknown: Seattle the Closing Montage 


4 – This photo of Anthony with Iggy Pop ……. Damn Iconic!


Tonight After dinner (which should probably include some sort of blood sausage) I will make myself a Negroni and slowly sip it while rewatching some of my favorite episodes.

Cheers Tony!  You are missed but not forgotten!




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