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Cool Video Guides for Travel Planning


Trying to do some Research for your next vacation?  Here is a You Tube channel that creates fun, informative and entertaining video travel guides. You might want to give them a watch.

Yellow Productions – Video Travel Guides

The show is hosted by Chris Raney who does a pretty good job of getting a lot of information out to you quickly and without being either boring or annoying!  He gets 4.7 Tophers in my book!

Topher is both the name of his Panda Bear travel companion and his1-5 scale for Hotel Ratings.  Clever.


Chris Raney & Topher 


Sometimes when I am researching a trip, I watch a few You Tube videos on Sunday morning with my husband Mark.  This helps fan the flames of excitement and sometimes we get lucky and find some helpful nuggets to take away from them too.

Recently we decided to plan a trip to Waikiki for October.  The list of potential hotels is enough to make the head spin.  I was getting a little overloaded looking up prices and reading reviews so I turned to You Tube to shed a different light on the subject.  That was when I discovered Yellow Productions.

They have video guides about many aspects of travel planning.  Everything from helpful tips about the area, Cheap Eats, Best shopping, Hotel Overviews and Detailed Hotel Reviews.  Here are some different videos I watched on Waikiki touching on the different types of their travel guides:

14 Things to Know Before you Go: Waikiki

Cheap Eats: Waikiki

Hotels on Oahu

Waikiki Beach Marriott Resort & Spa Review

I also watched all the single hotel reviews for Waikiki that I found by them.  Chris does a full beach walk in one of the videos which I thought was super helpful.  He walked by many of the properties we have on our contenders list and we got a real life look at the size and quality of the beaches and some pools too.  I will definitely consider some of the tips and reviews as I plan our trip.

They make video guides for EVERYWHERE! Here are just a few examples:

  • Tokyo Disneyland
  • New York City
  • London, England
  • Hong Kong
  • Stuttgart, Germany
  • Las Vegas
  • Hawaii
  • Lucerne, Switzerland


So even though my focus is currently on Hawaii, I would check them out  when planning any trips to unfamiliar areas in the future.  What a fun way to do travel research.  Hope you check them out.  You can even subscribe to their You Tube channel if you like them.

Dream, PLAN, Save, Adventure!


**Not a paid or sponsored endorsement…I just like them!






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