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Turning Your Favorite Movie or Show into a Vacation

When I am not traveling, I live vicariously through the travels of others, or immerse myself into a film or television show with an interesting  locale.  Ever thought of planning your Vacation based on destinations from your favorite shows? Good news, there are several options out there!

Bond, James Bond

I love Action Movies and the 007 James Bond Movies are my fave. That’s why I got excited when reading a recent post by Samantha Brown about Ian Fleming’s Golden Eye Resort!

Samantha Brown’s Places to Love

Author Ian Fleming discovered this locale and wrote most of the 007 Books in Oracabessa, Jamaica. Some of the scenes from Dr. No were filmed there. Today it is a beautiful Resort just waiting for you to create your own 007 adventure! (Cue Bond music).

Golden Eye Resort

Now is a good time to go if you want a deal. They are doing some property upgrades, so you can get reduced rates to compensate for some minor inconveniences.

Golden Eye Resort


If you are a fan of Outlander based on Diana Gabaldon’s book, you may like an Outlander Tour. Several Tour Companies Offer Outlander Packages of filming locations in Scotland.

On a budget? Book with Great Value Vacations. They offer a Basic 6 night tour with air for $1624!

Great Value Vacations: Outlander Tour

Want to go a little bigger? Trafalgar Tours has a 13 Day Highland Trail Tour which visits many Outlander film sites for more days and more in depth.  But the cost is about $3500 without air.

Trafalgar Tours: Highland Trail inspired by Outlander Tour

Visit Scotland’s website offers a 12 Day Outlander Self Driving Itinerary for those who prefer to skip the Tour.

12 Day Self Driving Itinerary

Follow the Fraser’s on an Outlander Tour

Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones has some really rugged and interesting film locations.  You will have to be creative to check out destinations for Game of Thrones because they have filmed all over the world! From Iceland to Croatia and Ireland.

Brack Tours offers 3 different Game of Thrones Tours of Ireland set locations

    The Tour in The North
    A Tour of Ice and Fire
    The Premium GOT Experience

Game of Thrones Tours by Brack Tours

Explore set locations in Iceland with Iceland Travel’s Beyond the Wall Tour.

Iceland Travel: Beyond the Wall Tour

Kings Landing Tours offers several tour itineraries in Debrovnik. The have several options for Walking Tours, Cruises or Combinations.

Kings Landing Tours: Debrovnik Tours

Game of Thrones Legacy – HBO has also announced plans to turn filming locations into tourist attractions.

Many Game of Thrones Locations to Choose from

Do-It-Yourself vs a Tour

Of course, if you have the moxy, you could plan your own trip.  That would give you lots of control over what you see and do, but you would also have to navigate your own logistics for travel, lodging and meals.  If you just want to sit back and enjoy the ride, look for a tour.  But if you want to keep the costs down or want more autonomy, try planning your own adventure.  You can always do it on paper first then compare your projected costs to those of a tour to determine which way will be best for you.


Get Creative!

I have only provided a few examples as food for thought if you are trying to figure out your next clever vacation destination.  You could take any movie or show destination and create your own unique travel experience.




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