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Are You Ready for Bonvoy


It hasn’t been that long since I had  the Marriott Rewards app and was notified that I needed to transfer my points to the new SPG app.  I dutifully did as they directed and switched everything to the SPG app.  When the merger between the two companies was  completed last year, my points did not transfer correctly and it took me a while to get them squared away.  Sigh.

Now Marriott is rebranding their Rewards Program as Bonvoy.  Here we go again!  I had been reading in articles early this week that the SPG app would be Disabled on 2/13/19. But nobody really said what the next step should be.  I didn’t want to assume that I should just transfer my points back to Marriott until I heard a definitive answer on how to handle this transition.  You just never know with Marriott.  Thursday, when I accessed the SPG app, it finally explained the transition and offered a link to download the Marriott app.  When I did so, my points were automatically transferred back to Marriott….Correctly!  I did take a screen shot of both the SPG and Marriott points balance screens, just in case something wonky happens in February.  An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

I just wanted to alert you that if you have SPG/Marriott Rewards on the SPG app you should follow the steps and download the Marriott app before it is disabled on 2/13/19!  It only takes a few minutes and you don’t want to lose valuable points you worked hard to earn.


Good Luck!





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